从 URL 中移除跟踪元素。
Get quick access to search every time you open your browser.
Is Chrome browser Slow? Clean up browsing data. Make your Chrome browser more faster and Protect your privacy!!
Stop ads - Make the web cleaner
Best way to clean cache and chrome browsing data! Easily clean history, downloads, cookie or set auto history cleaning!
Smart browsing history and tracking information cleaner.
Managed Device Enrollment
HistCleaner New Tab
Give a clean and modern look to your default Chrome homepage
Clear your browser history, cache and cookies on a selected interval in just one click.
Delete all Facebook messages at once (or) Choose and Delete multiple messages at once
Automatically summarize any article, text, document, webpage or essay in a click.
Font Rendering Enhancer for Chrome. Darker and clearer text on the pages (http and https).
Automatically redirect pages based on user-defined rules. E.g. always redirect an article url to its printer-friendly version.
Clean up your bookmark mess! Sort bookmarks, delete duplicates, merge folders, sort automatically, etc.
Podcastle converts text news/articles to a podcast, with very natural human speech using machine learning.
Play Run 3 game: run and jump to pass different levels of obstacles. Unblocked to play at school.
One-click download for files from open tabs, lists of URLs, or scholarly article PDFs from their associated DOI.
Enjoy your clean and neat New Tab that will stimulate your productivity daily. Customize your desktop the way you like it.
Fasten your browser by cleaning all cashed and saved data
Quickly clear all your browser cache with a single click.
Tweet any Wikipedia article right from the wikipedia web site
干净版! 原名:Gestures for Chrome(TM)汉化版.方便,快捷,充分发掘鼠标的所有操作.功能包括:鼠标手势,超级拖曳,滚轮手势,摇杆手势,平滑滚动,标签页列表等.
Save articles, videos and todos for later. They'll magically reopen when you need them.
Smarter Web reading & research. Annotate, bookmark, save, cite, manage & share online articles. Use with your Scrible.com account.
Show Oracle Smart View content. Supports Smart View or later
Send web articles to your Kindle
Customize and change the appearance of online articles to enhance text readability
Distraction free reader view. Customize with themes and options. Remove visual clutter and clean your mind
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