Get rid of that nasty horizontal scrolling, with inline images fitting Gmail's message area.
A link is worth more than 1000 words: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/O2fpZq36otA This Chrome Extension…
Browse your history by date, instead of infinite scroll. This extension is open source. It also respects your privacy. * Navigate…
Prevents Ctrl + Scroll zoom
Use voice to type, click anything, scroll, watch videos, open webpages, make custom voice shortcuts and more.
Fix the slow scroll speed in Linux Chrome by setting it to the Windows value
Scrolling Screenshot & Annotation Tool
Creates clickable heading markers next to the scrollbar.
Allows you to scroll instagram without auth
Scroll tabs with alt + mouse wheel OR right click + mouse wheel.


VWO plugin lets you add observations and download heat maps and scrollmap.
A minimal scrollbar that gets out of your way.
* Infinite scroll up to 30 pages of search results. * Trim down results by rating, review count, and price with the Trusty filter…
Unofficial extension. This extension provide an infinite scroll on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.fr and amazon.de.
Smooth scroll to page's top and bottom.
This extension keeps the YouTube video playing in the corner of the screen when scrolling down the page to read the comments.
Auto scroll designed especially for guitar tablature, pdf / text files, sheet music and chords or any website. Full keyboard control
Flow with the page as your read while the content is being automatically scrolled for you
Auto Scroll. Google Reader works!
一個支援動漫屋、無限動漫、sfacg,給你更好的漫畫閱讀體驗的 chrome extension
Extension for automatic scrolling websites with a lazy-load feature used (when you scroll up/down to get new records/items/news)
A quick and easy cure for Endless Scrolling Syndrome.
Allow you to use two finger scroll on your Mac trackpad in Google Maps.
Record your websites and automate scrolling and mouse actions for your portfolio screen captures.
Changes The scroll bar to a small simpler black and red scrollbar. Based on my red and black nerv evangelion theme.
Infinite Scrolling for Reddit.
Auto Scroll Chrome Extension
Scroll to the bottom of the page - Created with http://blog.self.li
A Blue color rounded corner scroll bar.
Enhance your thingiverse.com experience with auto login, better infinite scrolling, a modern design and several bugfixes.
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