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This extension will assist you to manage all the installed extensions in your browser
A beautiful Google Chrome extension manager to turn on/off other extensions quickly and easily without leaving your current tab
Open the Extension Manager with just one click.
Manage extensions, quickly enable/disable, remove malware extension, uninstall extension, or view list of extensions and apps
Manage extensions - a simple menu to enable, disable and access options of extensions.
Extension Manager是一款可以帮助您一键管理所有chrome插件或扩展程序,一键开启/禁用插件的Chrome工具。
Manage Chrome extension at the tip of your finger, with just 1-click.
Quickly enable or disable extensions. No Ads. No nonsense.
Managing your Extensions does not have to be complicated
Elementary extension manager. Compact design, no superfluous features.
Enable and disable your extensions.
Extension that manages other extensions
Extension Manager allows you to enable extensions, disable extensions and save extension profiles for quick task-switching.
Premier Extension Manager
Manage and control your browser extensions more easily
Manage Chrome extensions, apps and themes. Get alerts when extensions update.
A simple chrome extension that makes it quick and easy to turn your chrome extensions on and off
One extension to manage them all
Manage Active Extension
Manage all your extensions in one click, without worrying about anything
The all in one extension manager you whish existed.
Create Groups of Extensions to quickly enable/disabled unused items!
The one to rule them all. Extension Master manages and groups all your chrome apps and extension neatly for your leisure.
(自动)管理插件!Automatic Extension Manager.
Easily access the Chrome Extension Dashboard / Chrome Extension Manager
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