在任何网站上使用 AI Chat 、 Bard 、 Bing 和 Claude,无需复制粘贴。
您的 AI 网络辅助帮手。在任何网站上使用 AI 智能对话、 Bard 、 Bing 和 Claude,无需复制粘贴。
A powerful reverse image search tool, with support for various search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and TinEye.
Redirect all Bing (and therefore Cortana) searches to a search engine of your choice!
Click the button on the popout and do the random bing searches. Optionally change the # of iterations and delay between searches.
在 Google 、 Bing 、 DuckDuckGo 搜索结果旁边显示 AI 智能机器人响应。
Use Microsoft Rewards extension to find new ways to earn every day and easily track your points and set your default search to Bing
WebRank SEO provides Alexa Rank, Website Security, Server Location, Whois Lookup, Pages Indexed and Backlinks in Google & Bing
Google Chrome extension that checks the ranking for a particular keyword in Google and Bing for the website currently viewed.
Force Windows 10 and Cortana to use Google Chrome and your favorite search engine instead of Bing!
Perform a search by image. Choose between the image search engines Google, Bing, Yandex, and TinEye.
Chrome extension for Scribd Document pages revealing without subscribing.
Shows dynamics on Google, Yahoo and Bing SERPs
Fast and free one-click image duplicates search in Google, Yandex, Bing and TinEye.
Adds options 'Search with Bing' , 'Yahoo' and `DuckDuckGo` in the context menu, to search for highlighted text
Extension gives you the ability to search for videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Video and Bing Video.
TasksArea Default Search is a high-end free extension for providing excellent search experience powered by Bing.
Get a better chance of nabbing a graphics card
Get what3words addresses in Google and Bing Maps. Supports 40 languages
Incognito Search adds new shopping offers to Bing
Right click any image to instantly get reverse image search results from Google, TinEye, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, or a combination.
Set Bing as your default homepage and default search engine
Shift + Right Click to download any image. Support downloading original images from Google Image Search and Bing.
Tabbing Weather in a Tap
Bing Lookup – Search for more info on the web about text, urls or a specific image.
Effortless binge-watching your favourite shows on Netflix! Netflix Go bypasses the "Continue Playing" pop-up, and lets you…
Allows you to make specified domains STAND OUT or DISAPPEAR from Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and StartPage search results.
Google Bing Duality是一款可以帮助谷歌浏览器用户在搜索Google内容时会将Bing搜索结果置于Google搜索结果旁边的Chrome插件。
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