Distill and display only the important content to enjoy a more focused reading experience
Distraction-free reading view like Safari Reader View, Readability, or Chromium Distiller DOM.
This extension helps you siphoning through that massive amount of data and distills them to useful bits of information for you to…
Pay.gov integration for DISTILL x 5
Right-click context to distill link


A more distilled version of Giant Bomb.
Adds 🍷 Vivino, 🍺 Untappd & 🥃 Distiller ratings too systembolaget.se
Highlights the phrases of significance in a document.
Receive Distilled notifications within your browser
Your food label distilled into three items: price per kcalorie, number of ingredients, presence or absence of flavoring.
Analyze and distill any webpage into its fundamental contents with one click.
If it finds a cask ID on smws.com, it adds the distillery name
Improve YouTube comments by distilling their true meaning and depth.
Displays distillery information for whiskies listed for sale on the webpage of the Single Malt Whiskey Society of America.
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