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阻止 YouTube™ 广告、弹出窗口并抵御恶意软件!
一款高效的网络请求过滤工具,占用极低的内存和 CPU。
UltraBlock is a free cross-platform browser extension for filtering content, including ad blocking.
MEGA ADBLOCK is a free extension for content filtering, including ad blocking.
Fast AdBlock is a popular tool for blocking ads in the browser.
Crystal ad block - Open source and transparent ad block software.
Ads Blocker is the most advanced adblock tool for Chrome
Block Site Plus is a PIN code protected website blocker. Scheduled browser-wide site blocking
Block annoying ads, popups, malware and tracking (even on Facebook & Youtube), browse faster, and protect your privacy.
Ad-Blocker is the best ad blocker for your web browser. It can block tracking scripts, banners, annoying pop-up ads and much more.
Adblock blocks unwanted ads for Youtube and the Web. Light and fast adblo
uBlocker is a fast, efficient & most effective adblocker utility on the planet.
Removes ads on Youtube. It also allows you to block annotations and pre-rolls.
跳过 YouTube 视频中的赞助广告、订阅提醒等片段。标记视频中的赞助广告来节约大家的时间。
uBlocker is a fast, efficient & most effective adblocker utility for Chrome
Instantly block annoying ads, pop-ups & intrusive trackers with Total Adblock.
Adblock - stop ads on every site.
With Adblock for Chrome™ you can easily block ads on all websites in your Chrome Browser.
Block coin miners using your computer ressources without your consent.
Adblocker by Trustnav is the definitive adblock as it removes popups, annoying banners and video ads.
Block Unenrolling from Google Classroom
The only YouTube™ ad blocker built by AdBlock, the most popular Chrome extension with 60 million users worldwide
Blocks Ads and Popups in Chrome.
A companion extension to uBlock Origin: to gain ability to foil early hostile anti-user mechanisms working around content blockers.
Make YouTube tidy+smart! YouTube video color ad skip volume speed channel tool style HD ads adblock adblocker tags keyword playlist
Block Flash from loading automatically and allow content only on selected sites.
Adblock tool with great efficiency. Block all Ads in the social network.
Genesis Plus adblocker removes all ads and popups from all websites! The fastest adblock available plus modern controls and features
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