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Enable automatic pagination on numerous web sites. Infinite scroll
Infinite scroll for Google search results and a lot of other improvements to your browser experience.
Infinite Scroll for Google™ search results. Search faster, be more efficient.
Browse your history by date, instead of infinite scroll. This extension is open source. It also respects your privacy. * Navigate…
* Infinite scroll up to 30 pages of search results. * Trim down results by rating, review count, and price with the Trusty filter…
Unofficial extension. This extension provide an infinite scroll on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.fr and amazon.de.
Infinite Scrolling for Reddit.
Enhance your thingiverse.com experience with auto login, better infinite scrolling, a modern design and several bugfixes.
Add customized infinite scrolling to websites and auto load the next page. Supports the AutoPagerize Database. (Beta)
Enables infinite scrolling on Instagram
Adds infinite scroll, site icons, server locations, "View image" button, "Download image" button and more to Google search.
This extension refreshes the visual style of Hacker News and adds a few features, like infinite scrolling. Everything is toggleable.
Replace the default pagination with infinite scroll. Makes it much easier to browse tons of products fast!
AliExpress - auto loading paginated web pages.
Get Infinite scroll in google, youtube, yahoo, bing
Disable Twitter's automatic infinite scrolling and replace it with a "show more" button.
Stop unintentional scrolling on all websites.
Scroll to next and previous email pages
Infinite scrolling calendar.
Simple, lightweight infinite scrolling for reddit
New infinite scrolling for Dribbble recent page based on ID fetching. Other standard enhancements included!
Infinite Scroll for AliExpress.com - MyOrders page, Category Page, Search list page
Sigarra Tools - Sigarra on Steroids: Export Calendar Events, Infinite Scroll, DataTables, and more
Add infinite scroll to Hacker News
Infinite Scrolling for Hacker News.
https://github.com/benjchan/Anchor The infinite scroll. It's dangerously easy to scroll mindlessly for hours, especially when it…
Introduces new features including infinite scroll, a product list image viewer, and more. I like to think it makes AmiAmi faster.
Add infinite scroll to Designer News
tabbbs is a tiny chrome extension that makes browsing on dribbble more comfortable. Infinite scrolling can cause hiccups while…
Scroll endlessly on Designer News without having to click 'Next' like some kind of savage.
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