Новая вкладка и поиск в адресной строке от MultiSearch
Torrents MultiSearch - search on some of the trackers at once!
Search AliExpress products by image.
Storyful are happy to announce a re-launch of our Multisearch Chrome extension. We're constantly building new tools to empower our…
Replaces the New Tab screen with site-specific Google search fields, which you can customize.
Search for pens from CodePen.io in the omnibox.
Faster trade search. Adds an omnisearch box with hotkeys to the Path of Exile trade site. Press ? after installing.
This extension will search the specified keyword on all major search engines
An extension to search multiple websites fast for Word research
Look up content simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
iSearcher is powerful and smart search tool, it allows to surf online effectively.
Upgrade and optimize your searches !
Protects your privacy, no more tracking.
Search Wikipedia from this extension with auto-completed results that link directly to the article you want.
Quickly search for artists on derpibooru
Get fast access to search results each time you open your Chrome browser.
Lets you search from a customizable list of search engines
AliExpress Image Search with an image url or image file.
This extension allows the user to search words on Wikipedia without exiting the tab
MultiSearch helps you find search results in alternative search engines.
This extension opens the top 5 search results of google in new tabs.
Right Click and highlight any text you want to search
iSearcher is powerful and smart search tool, it allows to surf online effectively.
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