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Bookmark manager
An elegant bookmark manager with fuzzy search and more
Adds a button to quickly open the Bookmark Manager in a new tab, plus it supports keyboard shortcuts for even faster access.
Old style Chrome bookmark manager extension for people who don't like Chrome's new bookmark manager.
Search bookmarks and do whatever you can imagine.
This extension communicates between the Chrome browser and the Windows bookmark manager Linkman.
Organize your favorite websites by columns and boards.
A popup bookmark manager. Enhanced Neat Bookmarks.
Powerfully filter & sort by tags, ratings, visit count, date added, and last visit. And save smart collections for later!
Search, Sort, Share on Facebook, Twitter & Email, Snooze, De-Duplicate, Save Sessions
Bookmark manager with a clean and intuitive interface
Bookmark manager/task browser for GPT websites
Bookmark Viewer/Editor: no uploads reqd.(offline), full tab view.
Organize your favorite websites by boards and columns.
Simple and Smart way to organize all your bookmarks in one Place. Access all your favorite bookmarks from any device or browser
Lasso is the all-in-one bookmark organizer for bookmarking, web research, and knowledge management.
Mood Boards & Bookmark Manager
Same as Qlearly, without the new tab feature. Organize your favorite websites by boards and columns.
Open the Bookmark Manager with just one click.
Collect ideas to inspire your creativity. Save screenshots, web links and more.
Bookmark manager that makes you smart(er)
A better look at your browsers Bookmarks with advance searching and the most useful filters
Super Bookmark Desktop - the new tab page + bookmark manager that acts like your computer desktop!…
Native looking bookmark manager for Google Chrome has arrived. Protected bookmarks, Dropbox backup, synced tabs and more...
Effectively manage all your bookmarks with ease.
Save links to linkish.io dashboard, shorten links for sharing, highlight text on webpages and add comments
A plugin that makes it easier to save websites to the WebCull bookmark manager.
Powerful bookmark manager for individuals and teams. Easy to use, secure, and productive.
Modern bookmark manager for UX & Product designers
A bookmark manager is automatically displayed in the state of tab fixation.
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