Flying Spider man with a hoverboard underneath them. Do not use too much power you may lose the control.
This extension helps neaten many tabs.
This extension adds video navigation buttons on putlockertv.is (formerly putlocker.is/putlockers.ch) underneath the video.
Get top trending chill remixes on the internet right now in a neat new-tab playlist for your browser.
Organize links, articles, places, books or anything on the web into neat channels for personal or public use.
This is a chrome extension to improve user experience and add some new neat features to existing steemit page.
Allowing you to copy and right-click on websites.
A neat popup window shows the ethereum gas price right under your browser. No Ads, No tracking, Just Eth gas prices
Adds a neat Hootsuide dashboard launch icon onto the extensions toolbar.
A non-official Chrome extension for the Prismata subreddit that adds a bunch of neat features
Extension to manage downloads in a neater way
Visualize hex colours shown on web sites, by putting the colour underneath the shown hex colour.
Keeps the Chrome downloads neat and tidy
A simple extension that creates a button underneath the "share" button on Youtube. This button will copy to your clipboard a link…
Includes HD wallpaper images of the game Maneater on every tab background.
code highlight Extensions for https://www.neat-reader.cn
Check word's definition in an easy way while reading and repeat it on your smartphone. Neat way to learn and remember more!
The Batch Cache allows you to organise your extensions in a neat dashboard. You can create lists for different use cases and edit…
A neat new tab extension for chrome
Theater mode for Rabb.it
Adds a card on the G+ main page that shows saved searches right underneath the share card.
Neat is a community for gathering information on the internet
The one to rule them all. Extension Master manages and groups all your chrome apps and extension neatly for your leisure.
A neat popup window shows the top 10 Crypto prices in your currency (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, AUD, INR). No Ads, No tracking, Just prices
TubeTagger searches for products in the video and neatly pictures them right below the video.
Multi-DSP organisation tool for Programmatic Trading
Showing the ugly underneath the toupee, by @gleuch
This extension will replace the default 'New Tab' with an empty but neat 'New Tab'
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