SPOI Filter

生产工具插件大小: 474KiB版本: v 1.8.41更新时间: 2021-12-21
大小:474KiB版本:v 1.8.41更新时间:2021-12-21

Control the way you read RSS news online.

SPOI Filter 的使用方法详解,最全面的教程

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扩展大小:474 KiB


版本:v 1.8.41

SPOI Filter 插件简介:

这是来自Chrome商店的 SPOI Filter 浏览器插件,您可以在当前页面下载它的最新版本安装文件,并安装在Chrome、Edge等浏览器上。

SPOI Filter插件下载方法/流程:


SPOI Filter插件安装教程/方法:


(2) 从设置->更多工具->扩展程序 打开扩展程序页面,或者地址栏输入 Chrome://extensions/ 按下回车打开扩展程序页面

(3) 打开扩展程序页面的“开发者模式”

(4) 将crx文件拖拽到扩展程序页面,



SPOI Filter - lets you hide and highlight RSS news items in feedly and The Old Reader by keyword or regular expression. Filter is based on a paid subscription model. Licensed users will be billed $0.99 monthly. Six month and twelve month subscriptions are also available, as is a trial license. We all like to use our new readers to get our RSS news, and we all subscribe to the feeds that we want, but sometimes we get tired of reading about the same vapid celebrities or the same iPhone killer. Using SPOI Filter, you input a name or a word, and BLAM any news item that contains it is reduced to a fancy coloured bar that you can scroll on by or click on to reveal the hidden gem. Or you can completely hide it and your life will be all the better. You can even choose filter based on text found in the body and the subject, or in the subject line only. Filtering logic includes case-sensitive, not case-sensitive, and regular expressions (regex/regexp). Tired of duplicate items? You can make them never exist! Think that a particular feed should never be filtered? Add them to an exempt list! Want to highlight specific words, you can do that too! Want to only read news that has your keywords and skip everything else? Done. Want to securely sync all your settings and filter between different browsers on different machines? Even more done. There is a handy popup menu to enter new filters or highlights on-the-fly as you are reading. You can also use it to un-hide or re-hide all hidden news items, hide the header, and hide the navigation pane sidebar. And do not forget about the Layout tweaks. Hide all sorts of stuff around the page and fix some spacing while you are at it. You can even change the font. Please see the "Extension support" link for responses to comments and emails. Do not host, archive, or distribute SPOI Filter without permission from smart people on ice, LLC. (spoi). https://spoi.com/filter/EULA


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