ChatGPT to Notion

生产工具插件大小: 973MiB版本: 1.2.3更新时间: 2023-02-06

将您与 ChatGPT 的讨论直接保存到 Notion 中!Save your discussions with ChatGPT directly into Notion!

ChatGPT to Notion 将 ChatGPT 的智能功能带入您最喜爱的应用程序!

- 用法 -
在 ChatGPT 的页面上,您会注意到每个答案下方都有一个新的图钉图标。您可以使用它专门将该答案和相关提示保存到您选择的概念数据库中。如果你想保存整个讨论,你可以从扩展弹出窗口中这样做。


- 接触 -
有什么建议 / 问题吗?在 查看扩展的 GitHub
您也可以发送电子邮件至 :)

- 隐私 -

出于安全和实际原因,一些数据(例如您的概念用户 ID 和允许我们与您的概念工作区通信的密钥(不是您的凭据,除了您之外没有人可以访问)存储在远程而不是本地容易妥协。此代码是开源的,可以在之前链接的 GitHub 上找到。您的数据绝不会与任何第三方共享。

ChatGPT to Notion brings the cleverness of ChatGPT into your favorite app!

On ChatGPT's page, you'll notice a new pin icon under each of its answers. You can use it to save specifically that answer and the related prompt to your Notion database of choice. If you want to save the whole discussion, you can do so from the extension popup.

You may link as many databases with the extension as you need to, and you can then choose which database to save your discussion to at saving time. If a page with the same title already exists in the database, the newly saved content will be appended to the end of said page.

Got any suggestion/issue? Check out the extension's GitHub at
You may also send me an email at :)

For security & practical reasons, some data such as your Notion user id and the key that allows us to communicate with your notion workspace (not your credentials, that no one except you has access to) are stored remotely instead of locally where they could be easily compromised. The code for this is open source and can be found on previously linked GitHub. Your data is never shared with any 3rd party.



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