ChatGPT Everywhere: 浏览器版 ChatGPT

生产工具插件大小: 79.81MiB版本: 3.3.0更新时间: 2023-02-06

在 Google 、 Gmail 等中显示 ChatGPT 结果。您也可以单击我们的图标或在 Gmail 中获取 ChatGPT 提示。Shows ChatGPT results in Google, Gmail and more. You can also click our icon or in Gmail to get ChatGPT prompt there.

使用 ChatGPT Everywhere,您可以在 chrome 浏览器的每个页面上获取 ChatGPT。

注意:我们暂时禁用了 GMail 功能,因为其中存在一个小错误。我们希望很快为此提交修复。

❤️ 它是如何运作的?
- 我们默认在 Google 上显示 ChatGPT 响应。
- 您可以在包括 Gmail 在内的任何页面上单击我们的图标,然后可以在那里获取我们的帮助窗口。


请注意,这是一个独立的 Chrome 扩展。我们不属于 OpenAI 或谷歌。

With ChatGPT Everywhere, you can get ChatGPT on every page of the chrome browser.

Note: We have disabled our GMail feature temporarily since we had a minor bug in there. We hope to submit a fix pretty soon for this.

❤️ How does it work?
- We show the ChatGPT response by default on Google.
- You can click our icon on any page including Gmail and can get our help window there.

❤️ About us and future plans?
Please let us know what you think of the tool. We plan to update this to provide more functionality.

Please note, this is an independent Chrome extension. We are not part of OpenAI or Google.



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