Ghostwrite: ChatGPT Email Assistant

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ChatGPT 驱动的 AI 电子邮件写作助手。A ChatGPT powered AI email writing assistant.

ChatGPT AI 驱动的电子邮件写作助手。
“我喜欢写电子邮件!” - 说从来没有人。

GhostWrite 是一种使用 ChatGPT 和其他人工智能技术编写电子邮件的人工智能。只需几句话即可立即回复、撰写和撰写电子邮件。GhostWrite AI 使用人工智能来自动化写作过程,因此您可以将更多时间花在重要的事情上。

ChatGPT 很棒,但在您最常工作的地方需要 AI。安装 GhostWrite 并获得强大的 AI 智能回复、全长作文等!

您是否还想从几个要点起草整个电子邮件?厌倦了写同样的跟进和回复?您只需一个工具即可完成所有这些工作。GhostWrite 是一整套 AI 电子邮件工具,可让您:

📄 从短语 / 项目符号生成完整的电子邮件
✍️ 用您的语气立即写出听起来专业的电子邮件
✅ 通过为您写作自动更正您的语法和拼写
📝 保存并重复使用 AI 生成的电子邮件模板
↩️ 一键自动起草完整回复


立即安装 GhostWrite!

A ChatGPT AI powered email writing assistant.
"I love writing emails!" - said no one ever.

GhostWrite is an AI that writes your emails utilizing ChatGPT & other AI technologies. Reply, compose, and write emails instantly from just a few words. GhostWrite AI uses artificial intelligence to automate the writing process, so you can spend more time on the things that matter.

ChatGPT is great, but you need AI where you do your work most. Install GhostWrite and get access to powerful AI smart replies, full length compositions, and more!

Do you also want to draft entire emails from a few bullet points? Tired of writing the same follow up and reply? You can do all of that with just one tool. GhostWrite is a full suite of AI email tools that let you:

📄 Generate full-length emails from short phrases/bullets
✍️ Write professional sounding emails instantly in your tone
✅ Automatically correct your grammar and spelling by writing for you
📝 Save and re-use email templates generated by AI
↩️ Automatically draft a full-length reply in one click

What are you waiting for? Never write another email again!
Install GhostWrite today!



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