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Chrome is as we all know the best browser by far, but sometimes it is difficult to find some of the more useful but hidden features, like:

•	Accessing your bookmarks
•	Viewing your browsing History
•	Seeing your download history
•	Accessing your Chrome Applications
•	Managing your installed extensions
•	Manage your installed plug-ins
•	Checking out your memory utilisation
•	Changing your browser settings

Yes a lot of these features are only a few clicks away and yes some of them have keyboard shortcuts already, but if you only use them every now and then it is great to have them all on a single button.

V1.9: Added the Applications option
V1.7: Added Spanish - gracias TheMegaCT 
V1.6: Changes to support the new Chrome manifest files
V1.5: Was not working in Chrome Beta branch - all working again
V1.4: Added German language support - Thanks to Surrogard!
V1.3: Added Russian language support - Thanks to Kuprijan!
V1.2: Added Italian language support - Thanks to Ale Rox!
V1.1: Contains several language variants, including Polish - thanks Jarosław

Want to make this extension even better?

Please consider helping me translate it to your native language by visiting the link
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