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Set a maximum limit on history entries. By Nick Semenkovich <>

Long-lasting history items in Chrome can be annoying, especially since it's hard to clear just an older range of entries. This extension limits the maximum lifetime of history items in Chrome to protect your privacy.

This extension:
- Invokes itself every two hours to remove history objects
- Limits the history to a 4-day expiry (adjustable on the options page)
- Takes almost zero RAM (runs as a non-persistent background page)
- Is open source! (See below)

======== CODE ========
Please contribute!

Copyright 2014, Nick Semenkovich <>

Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.
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    Jon Paul Miles - avatar
  • Jon Paul Miles


  • 71 days ago
  • I am a web developer and checked out the code myself. It looks secure and is very simple. Every two hours with a couple exceptions it deletes outdated webhistory beyond your set limit. From what I saw, I would trust this plugin. Definitely something you want to be careful of when installing a web plugin that deals with web history.
  • Mark Young - avatar
  • Mark Young


  • May 12, 2017
  • With a lot of boards using distinct URLs and no need to remember them for more than a couple of months, I think this would keep my history from getting too out of hand.
  • Maxim Tsepkov - avatar
  • Maxim Tsepkov


  • Mar 02, 2016
  • Firefox's most missed feature to delete history older than X days.
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