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The best "recently closed tabs" exension you have ever used ... not only cause it's made by us :-)

This small extension provides you with a simple way to reopen some web pages you closed before. Furthermore you are able to configure options and hence influence the way recently closed tabs show in the popup, or even filter out pages you don't want to reopen (annoying popups etc.).

We implemented the persistency via the HTML5 localStorage and are thinking about providing a global repository somewhere so that changing a browser or computer does not prevent you from having your "recently closed tabs" ... not sure how useful this would be *lol*

Some additional ideas we have include usage of chrome's session API in order to provide not only the recently closed tab, but also it's history. At this time, the session package is experimental and extensions using it can not be loaded here on the gallery. But we will keep an eye on it and update the extension as soon as it is possible.

In any case, give us your feedback and check our developer site to see what is going on.

Extension developed by Michael Westrich and Draško Kokić.

The latest updates:

- cool new input range in options and improved user interface

- basic info news page on every version change, should be optimised to get triggered on major and minor version change (ignore the 3rd and 4th part)

- localStorage use and optimised snapshot images (resized via canvas)

- introduced maxTabs parameter to control the length of the popup list
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