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Get the best high resolution backgrounds for your new tab with this amazing extension Chris Brown! We hope you love Chris Brown, Music, R&B and dance music cause this is especially for you! 

Contact us - You are more than welcome to message us if you have any questions! We will love to hear from you and help out with whatever we can.  

You don't have to feel bad if wer'e just not your thing, that's O.k. You can erase this software by removing it from your chrome's extension page. 

We want you to enjoy our app , so we added some advanced features for your comfort-
*Start playing the best games online straight off your new tab page!
*You can also use our Built-in TO DO LIST and search bar so you will have all under control on your tasks... 
*Organized Your Day by using the Notepad feature and The Clock! 
We can go on and on, but we really want you to try for yourself and just enjoy :) 

We do have to say, this extension will transform your new tab page according to our amazing app standards - all so you can enjoy all the advanced features our app has to offer!

Thank you for coming and hope you'll find this image addon fun and first-rate to use!
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