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This extension display the felt temperature (in °C or °F) as an icon in your chrome browser.

In humid conditions, the air feels hotter than it actually is, because of the reduction of perspiration. In windy conditions, the air feels cooler than it actually is, because of increased perspiration.

This extension requests your permission to access...
1. your physical location, only as a parameter to obtain weather data, and
2. api.wunderground.com, which is the source of weather data.

(Related concepts: apparent temperature, wind chill, heat index/humidex/humiture)
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    46wireboy - avatar
  • 46wireboy


  • 32 days ago
  • It doesn't work. At all. Icon says err.
  • Chris A. Baird - avatar
  • Chris A. Baird


  • Jul 16, 2018
  • Temperatures more accurate than all other apps I tried. Though, it would help if the font could be changed to black on green background. It is hard to see the white numbers on green background.
  • Leo Baumer - avatar
  • Leo Baumer


  • Oct 08, 2012
  • This was working great before but now it seems to be based on the location of my ISP's connection to the Internet. I'm in South Florida and the temp is over 80 F but the Icon says it is 46 F. Too bad we can't just input a Zip Code or City/St Combo.