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This is a simple extension to help you expand your Russian vocabulary. Once installed, the extension will automatically scan every website you visit for English-Russian pairs in its dictionary (currently contains over 800 word pairs) and swap in the Russian translations.

If a Russian word is giving you trouble, you can easily highlight it and right-click to have the English translation listed for you. You can also open up the extension menu to see the entire dictionary of words for that page, along with information on word gender and number. Extension settings allow you to change the density and difficulty of the Russian words used.

Sometimes you might want to quickly read a page in English if the Russian words are giving you trouble: simply press "Disable Once" in the extension's menu to switch the page back to the original English. Alternatively, if you want to prevent pages on a given website from ever being altered, just press "Disable Domain" in the extension menu.

The ONLY information stored by the extension is which sites you've chosen to disable it on. No ads, free forever, etc etc.

Version 1.6.1: minor bug-fixes with the right-click menu.
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