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Roundee is a smart video conferencing with automatic recording and transcription service. 

Simply type /roundee to start your video conference right from your Slack channel.
Video recording, meeting minutes and even the full transcription of your video conference are automatically archived to your Slack channel.

You can invite any guest who is not using Slack by copying and sending a link using email. Guest users can enter the conference by clicking the URL link invitation. A link to your conference will be posted to the channel allowing any Slack channel member to join. You can host a Roundee video conference for up to 32 people at the same time.

This extension lets you share your screen with other attendees in roundee.

1. Select which window to share from your computer
2. Now handles multiple screens
3. Simply double-click the shared screen to view in full-screen mode

Roundee lets you start a video conference in your Web browser, without any downloading and installation process. 
Roundee is based on WebRTC and requires a WebRTC-compatible browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Have a question or need support? 
Please contact us at
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