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Pagezii SEO + AdWords Chrome Extension is a powerful on-Page SEO analysis tool that also doubles as an AdWords grader. It specifically designed for SEO and PPC Managers who want to optimize their organic and paid traffic. The Pagezii Chrome Extension is completely free and offers the following: 

- Single click Analysis
- Quick overall SEO Score
- AdWords analysis of any keyword
- Page and Ad Message breakdown
- Reader Profiles
- Detailed SEO attributes

The Pagezii AdWords grader works by looking at Ads returned during a Google search query. The Chrome Extension automatically grades the Ad based on Keyword mentions in Head and Ad copy, type of compelling text used in the ad, the presence of a vanity URL, tracking of Ad clicks, and the type of Ad - from Branding, Demand-Gen or Lead/Buy. 
Running analysis on the Ads gives a clear picture to the PPC manager on what Ad types are running and how to improve on the Ad copy to target the right persona. 

The SEO component of the Chrome Extension relies on the server power of the popular Pagezii Web App to perform quick and detailed On-Page SEO Analysis. It also breaks down the marketing message on the page to show pages optimized for Lead-Generation, Demand-Gen or Branding. A robust reader profile analyzes page context to determine which reader profile the page is best suited for, including Specialists, Engineers or Theorists. 

Detailed on-page SEO attributes help the user understand how well the page is optimized and what can be tweaked. The tool is designed for SEO Managers to keep track of their on-page SEO as well as review competitor SEO efforts.
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