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  • Last Update : May 20, 2018
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Use The Originals to get great free wallpapers of your favorite theme every time you 

open a new tab. This extension was created for you - fans of The Originals. Enjoy!

We are a special wallpapers extension, cause we don't just have HD wallpapers to 

brighten up you day, we have so much more! Use our accurate calendar and weather 

forecast to stay in tuned, write down all your daily tasks on our beautiful To Do List 

board, play great games straight of your browser and so much more!

We are happy you've joined, just keep in mind we'll have to make a few small changes in 

your browser settings and the overall appearance of your new tab page. 
For questions and reviews please send us a message and we promise to be there for you 

whenever you need us :)

If you wish to erase our extension- you can go you your chrome's extension settings, 

pick our extension and remove it. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy your awesome new tab page!
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