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A Shopping fans - Make your home/start page the way it should be: Fast, slick and a one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs.

The Shopperstab  home/start page includes:

✔ Search for your convenience
✔ Quick links to the top on-line coupons providers
✔ Quick links to the top on-line cash-back providers
✔ Latest visited shopping websites, comfortably available 
✔ Major shopping retailers quickly accessible through ShoppersTab's beautiful tiles
✔ Best on-line deals for your recent searched products

Feedback and suggestions are welcome anytime at:

Looking for the best deals and top retailers available on-line in one home/start page, no effort needed?? Download now.

link to Privacy Policy:

By clicking on “add to Chrome”, you agree to change your New Tab - "ShoppersTab" to provide these features.
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