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  • Tab Manager for Chrome - Chrome的标签管理器
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Tab Navigator - Tab Manager for Google Chrome.
Quick tab navigation. 
When you are working there is often a situation when you spend moretime searching for the necessary page than processing information that is on it.
If you are the same as I you need this great tab management solution!
Tab Navigator is for you!
In comparison with other Chrome tabs menegers this google tab manager remembers your browsing history so you can switch back and forward the tabs.
Using the button with the lock, you can protect your tabs from accidentally closing, but if it does, you can easily restore the tab in the Undo menu.

All it based on your browser history:
- most often used tabs
- related tabs
- previously closed tabs.

It just highlights the most used tabs and related tabs so you can easily go there. 
We will save and protect all your previously closed tabs.

Manage your tabs, improve your browsing and maintain your sanity when you have many tabs open.
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