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  • Last Update : May 23, 2018
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Removes Ads and the user interaction tracking from external links and videos on Facebook™.
Modified elements can optionally have a custom CSS style applied to them so that cleaned items can be more easily identified.

For links, the event listeners on the link and its parents are removed and/or disabled and a proper href is set on the link.

For videos on mobile, all Facebook™ event-listeners and custom controls are removed, and the video is simplified into just the bare HTML5 video tag.


- Fix regression in user interactions
- Minor performace improvements
- Remove desktop video cleaning option until I find a solution to the broken videos

- Block ajax tracking requests. Closes issue #10

- Sync options pages
- Fix auto page reload in chrome and FF 60+
- New classes for Sponsored and Suggested posts

- Update to work on FB tor/onion service
- Add rel=noreferrer to cleaned links

- Hide "Suggested Shows"
- Don't hide emergency broadcasts such as Amber Alerts and highlight them red

- Fix for some links not getting cleaned

- Handle new class of "Sponsored"
- Handle additional type of internal link

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