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For all you true Real Madrid fans, this is for you! With Real Madrid you will enjoy the most high quality pictures of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo at every moment and every time you open your new tab! 

Trust us, we think about the details. We created the best Real Madrid new tab possibilities so you enjoy the best user experience ever. 
**New amazing games you can play onlin. 
**Customized search bar and direct gateway to preferred sites, it's all so simple! 
**Calendar, weather forecast, note pad and many another little tricks! 

We really care about you, so any inquiries and remarks are another than welcomed! 

Notice, as you download our Real Madrid extension, your agree for an alteration on your browser's new tab page functions and style.
If you wish to get rid of this add on,it's not a problem - go to chrome's extension page, look for our extesion and remove it.

extremely glad you've came and hope you enjoy it :)
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