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  • Last Update : Mar 26, 2018
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What would Rizzoma look like as a Google app?  Download this Chrome extension to find out.  This extension changes the entire Rizzoma interface to look more like Google apps, such as Gmail.  The result is a bit cleaner and more familiar.

This extension is compatible with Rizzoma Rearranger, but may conflict with Rizzoma Redecorator.  This extension is best used with the Next 1 UI enabled (


- Adds support for waves opened from Google Drive (
- Fixes new wave/wizard split button
- Fixes “Pro” labels on left side tabs
- Fixes Chrome adding outlines to buttons
- Fixes the Googley toolbar styles that disappeared
- Styles unstyled text fields including...
    - the subject text box in the new wave wizard
    - the embedding code box
- Styles the new topic button in the new wave wizard
    - I elected to change it to red from its default green to match create/compose buttons in most Google apps.
- Improves styling for green unread buttons
- Removes script for enabling Rizzoma UI version 1 now that separate view and edit modes are enabled by default
- Fixes toolbars covering blips in Rizzoma build 10660
- Temporarily disables compact density blip styles
- Makes most button icons darken on hover (as they do in Google apps)
- Removes text shadow on buttons
- Desaturates the gear icon on the wave toolbar
- Desaturates inactive icons in left side and text/mind map tabs
- Makes active tab icons red
- Moves the “Write a reply...” box down to where the new blip will appear if the box is clicked
- Styles Followed/Unfollowed/All menu in search box (based on Google Drive filters' styling)
- Styles search boxes and search buttons
- Styles search status message
- Fixes positioning of the green unread indicators
- Styles the active states of green “Next unread” buttons
- Styles the top-right profile picture, drop-down arrow, and e-mail menu
- Improves padding in and spacing around blips
- Fixes rounded corners around root threads
- Fixes root-level floating toolbars moving outside the wave panel
- Fixes border radius on buttons
- Left-aligns the avatar in the “Write a reply...” box
- Enables Rizzoma UI version 1 (separate view and edit modes) upon installation
  - This is because the extension is not designed for and causes problems in the default interface.
  - You will need to refresh Rizzoma to see this change.
- Changes thread styles to resemble Google Now/Google+ cards
- Styles the reader/commenter/editor menus (where not styled in v0.9.1)
- Fixes items in the root blip's gear menu being styled like normal toolbar buttons instead of menu items
- Fixes the blue background at the bottom of the root thread
- Adds styles for the wave panel
- Adds styles for the Store
- Fixes search header sometimes not being styled
- Fixes the role (viewer/commenter/editor) chooser styling
- Initial release, which covers pretty much everything outside of the wave panel.
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