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Select an input field on your page, press CTRL+Q, press enter. Done!

You can also use your arrow keys or mouse to play around with the settings and customize the length of the text to insert or generate different values.

This extension uses browsers copy and paste commands to ensure javascript events are triggered and the form is properly handled by the page.

NOTE: the extension is still in development. It already works great and many customization features will be added. You can find the source code at:

Support for:

- Text: single line text inputs
- Paragraph: multiline, textarea
- HTML: content editable, rich text editors
- Email input
- Number input
- Phone input


As a web developer I sometimes have to fill forms and content pages to test them out. I've tried a few different form fillers and lorem ipsum generators and they usually lack some feature: no support for content editable fields, no html generation, no support for various field types and options are usally limited or complicated. So I've created ALIFF to combine all these features in a single place and make them simple to use.
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