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AdBlocker Lite is a browser extension that enables you block annoying Ads seamlessly on popular websites. It has two modes, Lite and Full. In Lite mode, the extension uses the least amount of CPU power and Memory and it runs based on pure CSS. Lite mode is ideal for slow machines. In Full mode, more Ads are targeted and more CPU power and Memory are required.

Some important features:

1. Allows you to block annoying Ads, scripts, images, iframes and many more.
2. Ultra lite extension with no significant Memory and CPU usage.
3. Unlike others similar products, AdBlocker Lite uses hard coded filtering rules for fast and reliable performance.
4. Provides an easy access filtering list if you wish to allow advertisement on some websites.
5. Includes ON/OFF  button to quickly disable or enable the extension.
6. Includes Highlight/Block modes; in Highlight mode you can only highlight Ads without blocking (hiding) them, but in Block mode, ads are blocked.
7. Easily switch between Full and Lite modes (default is Lite mode).
8. Add custom AdBlock rules. Currently, only rules in the form of css-selectors are accepted.
9. Badge icon-text shows the number of blocked Ads (in Full Mode only).

Note 1: In Ad Blocker Lite you can allow some websites (including its homepage) to show non-intrusive advertisement. By doing this you support websites that rely on advertising. Some websites are added by default, but this list can be modified at any time.

Note 2: Ad Blocker Lite is designed to block Ads on popular websites only (i.e. facebook, youtube, gmail, yahoo mail and etc.). Besides, it does not block popup-ads, if you need a full-featured Adblock please use other adblock addons in the Addon store.

Note 3: To add a custom rule, please use css-selectors. For example, the following rule hides a div element with class test: div[class='test']. Please note, you can only add valid css rules, otherwise it won't be added to the list.
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    John Paravantis - avatar
  • John Paravantis


  • Apr 20, 2018
  • Only ad blocking extension that allowed a video correctly on a newspaper site. I have it set on FULL, which is really fast, and activate the LITE mode if an non-ad element is missing from a page. When on LITE, it is actually slower, and some ads may be flashing on and off a couple of times, before AdBlocker Lite decides what to do with them. Nevertheless, the LITE mode is more correct in some cases. All in all a nice combinations of tools. The capability to block a specific element and a fuller list of options is missing, but its ease of use and speed shine. Well done!
  • Jeffrey Carter - avatar
  • Jeffrey Carter


  • Dec 09, 2017
  • Doesn't work on youtube.
  • Sujata Shetty - avatar
  • Sujata Shetty


  • Aug 05, 2017
  • worst....
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