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  • Last Update : Jan 15, 2018
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Google Privacy Shade is a new app that'll let you browse your personal info, like email or messages, without worrying about snoopers over your shoulder reading the messages, too. The app obscures the parts of your screen that you're not actively viewing while still letting you interact with the parts that are obscured.

With Google Privacy Shade, you can adjust the transparency of the shade to fit the privacy that you'd like. 

If you're reading sensitive information on your browser or working a crowded place, the Google Privacy Shade app could come in handy.

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    Mihai Cătălin - avatar
  • Mihai Cătălin


  • Jan 16, 2018
  • Great Chrome extension, perfect for office work!
  • Adina Râpeanu - avatar
  • Adina Râpeanu


  • Jan 15, 2018
  • Great feature for users in public workspaces!