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Daily Planner provides you easy and user-friendly interface for to-do list creating and editing, with the possibility to set a reminder on needed time and highlight selected tasks with increased priority. Be more effective with the Daily Planner - install this extension for your Chrome right now! 

With Daily Planner you can set different priorities of importance for individual tasks,in order to fulfill first of all what is more important to you. Priority marks will be displayed in common tasks list. Also you can set the reminder time for each task to recall at the right time what you need to do.

You can set reminder time in settings of specific task, so as not to forget to perform important tasks. When right time comes - you will see notification window and pleasant melody will play. With Daily Planner you can be sure, that you did not forget to do anything.

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Also you can ask us a question by email: info@dailyplanner.biz
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