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ChromeVault is a simple password manager extension for Google Chrome designed for people who love the safety and flexibility of the Vault password system but dislike interrupting their browsing flow to fire up their console or open to grab their passwords. ChromeVault remembers your service names and password options for each site, and allows you to autofill your passwords after unlocking your vault with your passphrase. This cuts the process of retrieving a password down to clicking the ChromeVault icon, typing in your passphrase and hitting autofill, all without having to switch pages.

Your passphrase is never stored to disk anywhere at any time, it only lives in sandboxed JavaScript memory for the limited amount of time that you have your ChromeVault opened. Your service data and preferences are encrypted with AES using your passphrase and saved using Google Sync so you can have access to them anywhere that you are logged in to Chrome.
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