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RunMyCode Online is a free and open-source online compiler/runner for C, C++, Java, Nodejs, Python, Ruby, Go and PHP. Accompanied browser extensions can be used to run code directly from version control sites like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and more.

Supported Languages
1. C
2. C++
3. Java 8
4. Kotlin
5. Nodejs 6
6. Python 2
7. Python 3
8. Ruby 2.2
9. Go
10. PHP 7
11. Scala

Language is detected based on the file extension. So for executing Python3 code, you will need py3 extension, cpp for C++.

How to Use
1. Install the extension.
2. On extension install, [RunMyCode Online]( will open in a new tab and prompt you to authenticate to get a key.
3. On authenticating with any the of providers, you will be redirected to dashboard page and extension will be auto-configured with your key.
4. Now you can go to any supported language code page on Github or Gitlab and you will see a colored `Run` button added to left of usual action buttons (see screenshot). For example, you can test the extension with this Ruby code on Github -
5. Clicking that `Run` button will open a runner where you can input any command line args and then press the big orange `Run` button to run the code on the page.
6. You can also edit the code using the web editor on Github or Gitlab and make it run through the same `Run` button as above.

Supported Websites
1. Github
2. Gitlab
3. Bitbucket
4. Go by Example -
5. Github Gist
6. Gitlab Snippets
7. Bitbucket Snippets

Permissions requested by Extension
1. Permission for the above supported websites to allow extension to run code directly from there
2. - To auto-configure the extension
3. - To run code from the extension
4. Tabs - For detecting url change and page loading complete for single page apps like Github, Bitbucket
5. Storage - To store API URL and Key

Any more questions? Email to

Source Code available at:
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