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This extension will use your CPU to mine Monero via

All you'll need to do is open a free account on their site and past the public-key on to this extension's popup-window.

You can always choose to disable the mining process or adjust the mining speed.

It's best to not mine at 100% rate while working on your PC - you might want to throttle it down a bit.

You can install this Extension on several machines to get more tokens of course.

To get your hashed Monero tokens you'll need your own Monero wallet and will be able to get your tokens from the payments section (under settings) on site.

Every 1000 seconds I will mine to my own wallet for 10 seconds (1% fee).

Needless to say the the owner of this Extension is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the machine it will be installed on (non should occur thought).

Also I'm not responsible if, from some reason, wouldn't be willing to pay your tokens.
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