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Customers' detention and accusation

One of the main challenges of the real estate agent is building a portfolio of clients.
The cause of this difficulty is that transactions are infrequent in the lives of the majority of customers.
In addition, the real estate agent can change the agency.

There is a small tool that allows the real estate agent to disseminate it's news and makes it easier to retain and charge new customers. The tool helps with the client's memory and gives him an opportunity to shine during a conversation at a table when the conversation extends towards looking for another house.

Clearly, nothing can replace you, and a hard and good job that you do as an agent.

But again ... what was the phone number ??? ..

And here is: in the Chrome extension. The citizen clicks on an icon so that the browser goes directly to your ads.
Why would your client have this Chrome web extension in the first place ???

Trivial: because it shows a little more than all the other lists.
It was an eye catcher !!!
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