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Mirroring360 is a collaboration tool suite for your 1:1 or BYOD classrooms and boardrooms.  Mirroring360 Sender Chrome App enables any presenter to mirror his/her Chromebook or computer screen to another PC or Mac, wirelessly;   You will need install a separate Mirroring360 Receiver software on the receiving computer, available at www.mirroring360.com

Mirroring360 is designed for teachers,students, and business presenters with ease-of-use and fast-to-share as the top design goals.  Setup in 2 easy steps:
1.	Add this Mirroring360 Sender Chrome App to your Chromebook or Chrome browser on your computer
2.	Install the Mirroring360 (receiver) software on the receiving computer (www.mirroring360.com).
Mirroring360 Sender Chrome App allows you to:
* Mirror your Chromebook or computer to a another computer, instantly and wirelessly!
* Up to 4 Chromebook or computer screens can be shared simultaneously
* Real-time share ANY application, files, or multi-media content from your Chromebook or computer
* Complementary Mirroring Assist capability enables you to cross subnets and VLANs, even if the computers are on different VLANs

Mirroring360 is deployed in thousands of schools / districts today, enjoyed by millions of teachers / students.  Learn more by visiting www.mirroring360.com

	“Using Mirroring360 in an instructional setting has shown a direct increase in engagement among our students.” – Matt Penner, Director of Information and Instructional Technology, Val Verde Unified School District
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