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- Auto Bcc & Auto Cc for Google Mail™ & Inbox by GMail™ -

Integrated with Gmail Compose.
Set up multiple Gmail "from" accounts with different BCC addresses.
Automatically Bcc/Cc when you send Compose, Reply, or Forward mail.
Fullscreen Google Mail. Pop out Reply/Forward and maximize.
Compatible with CRM systems.

===[ NOTES ]===

★ The extension is free for personal use. For commercial users, please upgrade to Premium.
  + To get a license, click "Upgrade to Premium" in the extension's Option page and follow instructions.
  + The available plans are: $4.99 for 2 PCs, $19.99 for 20 PCs, and $89.99 for 100 PCs. When paid, we will send a license key to your email. You may enter this key in the extension's Option page to activate on multiple computers (browsers). You can share this key with your colleagues.
  + If you have more than one computer (browser), you should activate the license on each of the computers (browsers). Re-activate license every time you re-install AutoBcc or install it on a new computer (browser).

★ An example: Auto Bcc all emails from to backup1@my.mail and all email from to backup2@my.mail, and so one. We don't put any limit on how many addresses you can set up...

★ We don't inject ads to users.

★ "Auto Bcc & Auto Cc" extension can be used in combination with CRM systems such as Salesforce, Outlook 365, Zoho CRM, Insightly, SugarCRM, Highrise, Hubspot, Prophet, Tactile, Capsule, Apptivo, Contactually, Batchbook, Nimble, PipelineDeals, Maximizer, Infusionsoft, Goldmine...
You may do automatic Bcc to your Salesforce email, Highrise or Zoho Bcc Dropbox addresses, or any CRM mail address.

★ UPDATED 2017.1.20:
  + Fix compatibility issues in latest "Inbox by Gmail".

★ UPDATED 2016.9.15:
  + Bug fixes for "Inbox by Gmail".

★ UPDATED 2016.6.24:
  + Some bug fixes and minor changes.
  + Add new option to "Leave cursor at message body". Add a "Remind me later" button to Upgrade dialog.

★ UPDATED 2016.2.25:
  + Bug fix: emails were mistakenly removed when reply all with multiple contacts.

★ UPDATED 2016.2.20:
  + Add new feature: Cc automatically for Gmail & Inbox.
  + You can enable/disable Auto BCC & Auto CC features anytime you want.
  + You can enable/disable bonus features (auto enlarge to full email window, pop-out reply/forward).
  + You can upgrade to Premium with a license key.

★ UPDATED 2015.10.6:
  + Support both Gmail ( & Gmail Inbox (

★ UPDATED 2015.10.1: 
  + Added 40 language translations.
  + You can manually add new accounts and edit old accounts, using the "Add more accounts" button.
  + You can use the "Add from compose" button to retrieve emails automatically from different GMail accounts.

★ If you run into a problem, contact us at or the "Send Feedback" button to the right before you post a negative review. We appreciated that. It helps other people too.

===[ HOW TO USE ]===

- Install the extension
- Close Chrome and Re-open Chrome
- Go to Gmail™
- Click "Compose" once to tell the extension to grab all "from" accounts
- Discard that compose
- Go to Chrome Settings > Extensions
- find the AutoBcc extension and click on "Options"
- enter email to BCC automatically for each "from" account
 (add multiple emails to BCC by separating with a comma and space.
- use "Add more accounts" button to manually add/edit accounts.
- use "Add from compose" button to retrieve emails automatically from different accounts.
- click "Save"
- refresh Gmail or Inbox page (important)
- drink some beer while sending emails awesomely

Setup instructions & How to use:

How to upgrade Auto Bcc to get Premium license:

Contact support:


Developed by

We developed browser addons, toolbars, plugins and extensions just for fun and helping people in our free time. If you got issues or feature requests, do not hesitate to leave us a message at or email to - You're welcome!
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  • It helps to support CRM email function very well.
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  • very good! 免費又強大!