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This extension cleanses some of your web pages of the words "Donald Trump" and replaces them with funnier, more apt descriptors.

*** Now with built-in (optional) conversion of Trump images to kittens! ***
*** Now with built-in (optional) Mike Pence and Alt-Right modes! ***

Detrumpify lets you choose among clean or NSFW insults, or a combination. You can even create your own config file and replace anything you like. You can also choose how often you want the insults to change, how long they can be, and if any styling should be applied to them.

Props for the initial list of replacement names goes to, which compiled a list of 70 such names for DT's birthday: Recently have added more from: I continue to gather more names from around the web, and will add new ones as I find them. You can suggest new insults here:

I thought I would happily abandon this project in November 2016, but in service to my country, I will continue to enhance the tool and add insults as long as our national nightmare persists.

*** NOTE *** If you are wondering why it doesn't work on site X: 

Detrumpify is designed not to interfere with you. To minimize any potential for incompatibilities, my config files will only allow the plugin to run on a  specific list of media sites that I have tested. If you think there is a site crying out for the treatment which isn't getting it, let me know. In general, I have excluded sites that routinely criticize or mock Trump because my insults can interfere with their insults. If you want the plugin to run anywhere, there is an checkbox for that in the options page!

1.2.4 -- new "Bard mode" -- get insults Shakespeare would be proud of
1.2.4 -- new "breaking news" mode. Turn it on in options.
1.2.3 -- show original phrases before replacement
1.2.1 -- major refactor. new features: more picture options, https security
1.1.43 -- bug fix for any broken frequency
1.1.40,41 -- experimental run all the time mode
1.1.39 - minor bugfixes; fix recursive issue with insults containing "trump"
1.1.38 - allow only fraction of found strings to be replaced
1.1.37 - basic mock-o-matic and bugfixes to options
1.1.35 - minor tweaks to config handling of multiple actions; ability to clear stored preferences
1.1.33 - added url for suggesting new insults
1.1.32 - more kittens mode has more aggressive T image detection
1.1.31 - option to run on any page
1.1.29 - option for div replacement of images
1.1.28 - more aggressive image replacement
1.1.25 - trump image replacement
1.1.23 - code cleanup
1.1.22 - bug
1.1.21 - moves most common configuration out of config file, into options ui
1.1.20 - allow users to enable only parts of config
1.1.19 - skipped, never uploaded
1.1.18 - add UI to allow user to set insult styles
1.1.17 - new icons
1.1.16 - config UI cleanup
1.1.15 - access options page from icon
1.1.14 - fix minor bug with too frequent insult update checking
1.1.13 - add Pence, fix minor formatting problem
1.1.12 - rename so so that people searching for Detrumpify get the current version
1.1.11 - revert default configs from dropbox back to
1.1.10 - clean up config page
1.1.9 - changed name
1.1.8 - added "Drumpf-mode"
1.1.7 - move actual fetching of config to event page to avoid content security policy restrictions
1.1.6 - change config format and content code to allow multiple search/replace combinations in one file
1.1.5 - fix trump regex to avoid converting trump-based neologisms
      - rewrite replace section to allow formatting of new replacement chunk
      - add ability for arbitrary quoted
      - manifest changes to help stop XHR / CSP problems (still not resolved)
1.1.4 - had to move config files to https because new rules do not let chrome access http from https websites. I don't want to pay for SSL cert, so using dropbox.
1.1.3 - allow user to edit json in plugin and not use external resource
1.1.2 - configs, force no cache config, configs can very change freq
1.1.1 - bug fixes
1.1.0 - initial upload

This is an open-source project. Code can be found at
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