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Calculator Numerics is a fast and convenient application for simplifying and speeding up calculations. This is the leading solution in the Chrome Web Store for many simple and complex calculations.


* Enjoy the application with a powerful interface.
A large input field shows your results at the same time, so you just minimize the breaks and focus on what needs to be done instantly.

* Keep the history of your calculations.
All your calculations will be saved in the editable history panel. In addition, you can add comments to the results.

* Works even if you are offline.
Stores all your data (history, user functions) in your browser's local storage.

* Keyboard.
On / Off. Screen keyboard. Use it when you are out of the keyboard.

* Use all those missing common mathematical functions.
For example, use one of these known functions - sin (x), cos (x), sqrt (x), etc. Or even use powerful function labels such as a ^ b, a!, #a, a% b .

* Program yourself and achieve even better performance for individual cases.
If you like the script, expand your calculator with any custom functions and variables using JavaScript. Just click the wrench icon to view or edit your functions.

* Works in offline mode. is available while you are offline using the latest HTML5 features. Stores all your data (history, user functions) in your browser's local storage.

* Supports very large numbers

* Converter.
Convert values ​​using a powerful built-in converter.

* The converter supports more than 160 currencies + bitcoyne! And displays the last updated time.

* Learn more about your features in the Numerics Wiki
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