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Auto History Wipe automatically deletes the browsing history every time Chrome starts. It uses no additional resources and performs no other background tasks. It can be configured in the Options page to automatically clear other browsing data as well.

- If you sign in to Chrome and have your history synced automatically by Google, this extension may not work.
- Depending on how much data needs to be cleared, there may be a brief 2 to 3 second pause before Chrome becomes responsive.

Extensions are not able to run after Chrome exits without requiring the 'background' permission, which keeps them running in the background all the time. In order to delete browsing data automatically, without requiring background permission or using extra resources, this extension runs immediately each time Chrome starts. After doing so, it will not run again until the next time Chrome is started.

Chrome does not have a setting to clear the history and several other browsing data areas upon exit. You can use Incognito mode, but this has no history at all. This extension allows you to use Chrome normally, with full history functionality, and have it wiped clean automatically. You do not need to click any buttons.

As of version 1.1.0, the extension now has several other data points it can wipe clean automatically, which can be configured on the Options page. Keep in mind that even if you have cookies cleared, Google automatically sets a couple new ones related to Chrome every time you start a new tab (which is why the third screenshot shows two cookies).

If you experience any problems or errors with this extension, please use the 'Support' tab to submit a report and I'll work to get it fixed as quickly as I can.

- Chrome stopped counting Developer Tools (running in its own window) towards the total window count, so the extension had to be reworked.
- Extension now also clears data on Chrome close if you keep Chrome running in the background.

- Added checkbox to clear local cookie data on exit (using Chrome settings optional permission).

- Split cookies and website data into two separate options.
- Removed global variables from event page.
- Minor tweaks.

- Completed making downloads permission optional.

- First stage in making downloads permission optional.

- Added download history API to remove download history more reliably.
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    Jorge - avatar
  • Jorge


  • Jan 25, 2018
  • evetime i close my google chrome it automatically to clean everything off for google chrome i love it
  • David Mace - avatar
  • David Mace


  • Dec 31, 2017
  • First A WARNING: Google likes to sneakily 'forget' your 'sync' settings, after updates. Changing 'channels' or doing a power wash will also 'forget' this setting, and sync and restore EVERYTHING, by default. If you have 'sync' enabled, Google will save your history to one of its servers, and restore it 'for you'. Cookies, history, forms, passwords and all. So, uh... 'convenient'. So be sure to disable the relevant portions of google sync, or your history will keep popping up in your face, intact. As you can imagine, it makes this plugin look 'broken' when you forget about 'sync', and it gets quietly enabled again. Anyway, does what it's supposed to. Would rather it 'forgot' on exit, as well as on open, but I suppose google provides no such convenient hook.
  • Clay Clay - avatar
  • Clay Clay


  • Oct 17, 2017
  • I love this. I don't have to click anything to wipe! Thank you Nick!
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