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Chocolatey is an awesome package manager for Windows. It allows installation, updates and uninstallation of software from simple commands just like package managers on other operating systems.

There's no way to select multiple packages on

Chocolate Factory adds checkboxes beside each command. Just check the packages you want to install and then click the Copy button at the bottom of the page. A single command for installing the selected packages will be copied to the clipboard.

Two more features of Chocolate Factory:
1) You can now click on the install command for any package and it will be copied to the clipboard.
2) Chocolate Factory also supports importing a list of packages. It accepts the output of the 'choco list -lo' command for importing your previously installed packages.
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  • Richard Chassereau


  • Dec 12, 2015
  • I've only played around with this a little bit so far. I think it's great! I haven't found anything better. Great idea!