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Are you tired of some Indian news Websites forcing you to disable your AdBlock in order to read the news? Install this Add-On/Extension and you will be able to read the news without disabling your AdBlock.

It currently works on following websites
Ahmedabad Mirror (
Anand bazar (
Bangalore Mirror (
Business Standard (
Daily Bhaskar (
Divya Marathi (
Divya Bhaskar (
Financial Express (
Gogi (
Hindustan Times (
Jansatta (
Loksatta (
India/Business Today (
Live Hindustan (
Mid Day (
Mumbai Mirror (
Pune Mirror (
Time of India (

For those folks who are interested in details
This add-on kicks in only for the mentioned sites and their subdomains and not any other websites you visit.
For above mentioned websites, unique code is executed to "make it think" that you do not have AdBlock

Version 1.0.0
Initial version
Version 1.0.1
Minor change for Times of India/India Times website
Version 1.0.2
Updated in response to change in NDTV algorithm
Version 1.0.3
Updated for Times of India blogs website
Version 1.0.4
Updated for Financial Express, Jansatta and Loksatta
Version 1.0.5
Updated for Gogi, Ahmedabad/Bangalore/Mumbai/Pune/ Mirror, Anand bazar
Version 1.0.8
Updated for India Today and Banglore Mirror
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