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Turn your LinkedIn into an well-designed & professional resume with a single click.

When you click on the Ceev extension, it goes through your LinkedIn profile page, grabs the content, and turns it into a fully customizable resume.

Ceev is a powerful yet simple resume creator and designer that lets you have a great-looking resume in just minutes using an easy-to-use interface. Pick your color, fonts, icons, and more, then perfect it by adjusting the sizing and arrangement of items on your resume.

Once you are happy with it, you can send it directly to your printer or save it to your computer as a PDF to use later.

You can learn more about Ceev at http://ceev.io.

*Before you leave a rating - this is new and I'm working fast to fix things and add features! Please email me with any issues or suggestions and I'd love to help!*
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    Zoltan Luttenberger - avatar
  • Zoltan Luttenberger


  • 169 days ago
  • Does the work with some unpleasant bugs like double sections or no photo to add unless you work-around and edit the pdf and it cuts (limits) a part of the section text. If you need heavy editing of your exported Linkeding profile you better look elsewhere. Pity, b/c it had potential. Support request never answered.
  • Cas Hooijer - avatar
  • Cas Hooijer


  • Sep 16, 2018
  • Since the last update I am not able anymore to make a PDF from my CV. Hope it will get fixed soon.
  • Karl Johnston - avatar
  • Karl Johnston


  • Aug 07, 2018
  • Used to be really neat but I guess when Microsoft updated the linkedin format the app broke. Now the titles are off, the text descriptions show "see more" - the new nested format seems to be screwing with it. Unusable resume, unfortunately
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