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Finglish (Pinglish) to Persian (Farsi) inline editor
use CTRL+SHIFT key to "ON - OFF" Finglish editor
use SHIFT+SPACE to change between Alternative Word. Example : نقض نغز نقز
80% off regular Persian words are included in databases but
if the one word not found in smart dictionary this help is useful to type in manually:
use a' as ع 
use c as ث
use s' as ص  
use t' as ط 
use h' as ح
use j or zh as ژ
use z' as ذ   
use x az ض 
use x' as ظ 
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    Kiarash Mosayeri - avatar
  • Kiarash Mosayeri


  • Oct 24, 2014
  • can't get it to work. the instructions aren't at all helpful either.
  • Mohammad Khani - avatar
  • Mohammad Khani


  • Jan 08, 2014
  • Excellent. thanks.