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This is an extension for Chrome in Linux.  It won't do anything for Windows users.

This catches Chrome Webkit notifications from webpages and displays those notifications in native Libnotify (xfce4-notify, notify-osd, etc) popups instead.

This is rewrite of Linux Native Notification for Chrome, which is based on Chromify-OSD.  Both of those solutions only work with selected libnotify servers.  This aims to work with everything based on libnotify.  A list of servers that should work is here:

Also, the previous solutions are based on NPAPI, which is being phased out.  This is a Native Messaging implementation, so you also need to install the "host" portion of this software, which is written in C.  You can download that zip file here.

Extract it and run the  Hopefully this can be automated in the future.


- make it work with gmail :(

If you are interested, the code base is here:

Want a test?

(Notifications API):
(webkitnotifications API):
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