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UPDATE: (version 1.2) Just some changes to comply with new chrome store updates.

UPDATE: (version 1.1) Finally added a link to the full webpage. Sorry it took so long to get round to it!

Mini Squeezebox Control is a Chrome Extension to control the popular SqueezeBox music player.

I haven't created the interface for this, it's just the "mini" player available from the SqueezeBox Server web interface, packaged into an easily accessibly button on your toolbar!

I made this mainly for myself, but thought I'd play around and upload my first extension to the web store while I was at it :) So go easy on me with any mistakes!

I probably won't be able to change much (if anything!) with the interface, but if you have any problems getting it working, give me a shout and I'll see what I can do.

There's also a simple options page if you don't run your Squeezebox Server on localhost, or if you use a non-standard port.
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