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With Next Browser Sync Plus, you can sync bookmarks directly to your mobile devieces in Next Browser.

You can use Next Browser Sync to sync your bookmarks across all devices and Chrome desktop browser. It is easy to use just by one key after login.

Sync Data:
Start to sync your Chrome bookmarks to your mobile device.

To sync data with your mobile device with Next Browser Sync, you first must download Next Browser for Android on Google Play.

Next Browser:
If you never think of changing browser, think again! In just few weeks after the release, 1 million users have started experiencing this mini, beautiful, easy-to-use and ultra fast web browser ---- Another work from GO Launcher team. From now on, browse web faster, more private and more secure.  

Download the latest version of Next Browser now!

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  • Mar 25, 2015
  • 手机fqrouter pc科学上网 无法同步