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Exploratory testing assistant for Chrome. Adds common problematic values and edge cases to the context menu (right-click) for editable elements, so you can keep them handy and access them easily during exploratory testing sessions.

- Convenient access to common boundaries and edge cases for exploratory testing
- Extend easily with your own config files
- Works on input fields, text areas, content editable DIVs
- Works on multi-frame pages, but only if they are from the same domain
- Tiny overhead per page (<1k), no 3rd party library dependencies, completely passive, so it does not interfere with your web app execution in any way
- Opensource and customisable (https://github.com/gojko/bugmagnet)

Version 3.0 is a major overhaul with lots of new features, check out https://bugmagnet.org/v3.html for a list of new features
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