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Quickly and easily search and download files linked in websites.
Click the extension button (on the Chrome toolbar), filter results to only include files you want, and then download them all!

Files of any type can be found and downloaded. Any link with a valid file URL or download information will be scanned, and you can also find images and videos displayed in sites.
The resulting file list can be filtered to include or exclude files based on each URL, file name, or type.
Individual files can be downloaded on their own, or all the enabled files downlaoded at once.
Downloads can be automatically placed in a sub-folder of Chrome's downloads directory and given a custom name.

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    Aren Tyr - avatar
  • Aren Tyr


  • Nov 19, 2018
  • Brilliant, simple, works perfectly. BUT: Make sure to right click on it, select "Manage Extensions", then find it in your extensions and click on the "Details" button. Then click the slider to "Enable access to file URLs". Does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin.
  • Amanda Bryson - avatar
  • Amanda Bryson


  • Sep 26, 2018
  • For those who have the problem that it "doesn't do anything" there is one more step you need to complete. At the Green Down Arrow at the top right of your screen (which is your select tool for initiating the Multi-file Downloader) right-click and select "Manage Extensions". On the page that opens after selecting this, scroll down the page until you see "Allow access to file URLs". Turn on the button to the right of the statement. It should turn blue. Now you should see some action.
  • Joy Chien - avatar
  • Joy Chien


  • May 02, 2018
  • Amazing. For a while (using a newly installed computer OS and newer Chromer) I thought this was gone, but no. I suspect if they tweaked their name or description they'd get more hits. When i searched for "Multiple downloads" this did not come up. For the users who can't get it to work: when i had an older browser, this also did not work UNLESS I checked "notify me when finished" or "use default filename", so try that.
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